Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Day I don't want to exsist

You ever had a day you wish you could skip?
I know, before you raise your hand if it isn't already high, I mean on a serious level? Well..this is my day

Mothers day, on the surface, another day to go spend an insane amount of money to show love and affection....

To even say that much hurts beyond words. The usual pain of looking at the ignorant holding what you held so dear is a mix of frustrating and pain, but like I did 3 years ago I realized that nothing changes, nobody cares and its still stuff to do. I'll go deeper into that.

The way I take to go visit her grave is longer than you would, a mile up and a mile back. Whats interesting is that the cemetery is super busy, vs the usual just a couple of people. I know I can't judge how one deals with ones pain, but I mean I still find time...yeah my bad.

But I'm still kicking...more in depth soon..these are random thoughts and I'll go deeper

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