Friday, August 19, 2011

The Motorola Photon (First thoughts and first few days)

Another addition to Motorola's high end Android smartphones.

The photon is truly the sprint Atrix with a 8 MP camera, but for sone reason Motorola decided to give the photon a very under powered 1750 MaH battery when the Atrix has 1850-1900 MaH. A very backwards move, because even with the scaled down Motorblur interface the phone's functions still use a fairly large amount of juice.

They scaled back Motoblur, which is my second favorite Android interface (right behind HTC Sense) the fact that you can log into the phone without signing into Motoblur is a plus, but the fact that you have to manually add each service is annoying and backwards if you already have a Motorblur account and went through the time to tweak it to your liking. If you missed my review of the Atrix, one of the biggest selling points (of Motorblur) was the one button post to twitter option for the media player. In fact, the media player was overly impressive as it could offered a ton of features but you had to menu crawl to put a album on repeat, and there is No way to get one tract to repeat unless you put it in a playlist.

I will chalk up my negative experiences to a bad headset, but I had a hard time connecting to my home WiFi network, having to forget it the first couple of days to et a stronger connection. But overall the Photon is a great phone, minus them major setback by motorola.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

At&T and the Motorola Atrix: Hello and Goodbye

Soo, I returned to Att, spent a few days with the Atrix. I have to say Motorola did a excellent job. 1900 Mah battery out the box, motoblur getting a nice overhaul, it was all good till I burned out my battery after 13 days of light usage mainly due to Att data caps.
Soooo I decide to get a new phone I go to the Att kiosk and asked for a simple exchange the worker says they can't because I don't have the box (like who walks around with the box in their back pocket) I've never heard of that, so come to find out that I have 60 days to go to any store, then after that I have to travel about 30 miles outside the city to get a same day replacement phone or take the wonderful overnight order your phone.

I received a replacement phone but it was way worse than what I started with. My phone would cut off after the screen blacks out...the joy, but the issue is that they have no repair center in the city when the old store bear my house used to very a repaid center. Such anger so I went room a new carrier, ironically other was for the same fashion of phone, the Motorola photon.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Craziest weekend ever

Sooooo where to start?

I loose my phone AT MY HOUSE

No, I'm serious...I was on it at 4:40 am I got off to open the door...then I laid down...and I remembered to call them back and I couldn't find it...I called dice.

After a minor mental breakdown I activated kill order and on. To tmobile..

So I walk into tmobile to get a replacement dice. So I headed up to Apple and joined Verizon.


I got a call suggesting I switch phones cause they might.announce a new iphone any day now...I said to Verizon store then Apple

Well..Verizon via a rep said if I leave I loose my number...period, now I was ready to ride out with verizon but the rep....not winning.

So I went to Att...and got the Motorola be continued

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cloud storage and what it means for You! (you and you)

One of the growing trends in technology is cloud computing and even though its in it's infant stage I, am soo on board partially and here's why:
Cloud computing can be simply defined as a service or software which draws resources over online servers (hence the cloud) vs a physical server or device. You essentially store things online to access them online, but at a faster rate and bigger files. Think of Netflix, but with more options than movies and t.v. Shows.
What does that mean to the average Joe of a user you might ask? Well you cab store movies and misc to play at any given moment, make mobile backups of your phone to restore later. Trust me, I've spent 2 hours in an Apple store waiting for my files to transfer from my old iphone to my new one. True pain.
Another more practical use of the service will work and work related activities. Even though you can do work from home or online cooperative work, cloud computing will make it easier and more effective.

So far the only limits of cloud computing is the devices you have to access your data with, tablets and cellphones are the idea targets, then netbooks and laptops, but we well be adding cameras, camcorders and projectors in a few years.(3 or less) Wifi memory cards and cameras with Wifi coming, the ability to store pictures outweighs spending almost $100 on memory cards.

The first three public services are Google, Amazon and Apple. Well Apple comes out later on this year, Google is in beta stages and Amazon is out but limits it's service to music, I will review Amazon later on this week via its android app.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Almost Go Time

This is say the least.
I almost didn't make this I had opportunities to get it I had to trade like too much...a'la Falcons for the wide receiver...but I hope its worth it.
I got up extra early because I had to do soo much...and it ended in the best case scenario...I got done too early..I'm happy but...I got done too early.
So, maybe 4 hours of sleep over the next 24...long as in can sleep off and reset my body for a 5 hour energy I'm good...

What makes this event so's my first networking event in over a year...I've done dinners..lunches...but nothing like this...I'm extra excited and nervous...I've done my walkthrough like twice already...but I know I'm out of shape when it comes to these things....niiccee, love those odds, I feel more like a military sniper as I reload my bag and run though my plan...odd I know...but ohh well

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Goodbye....mytouch 4g

Its always a little hurtful to switch phones because one isn't working - mainly due to the actual process inwhich it occurred.
In the mytouch there is a glitch inwhich all of your text messages will get deleted - now, to anyone who is a moderate to heavy texter thats beyond painful, for 4months I did the song and dance of a new phone with t-mobile of getting a new phone for it to not work. Now I was literally put the door on my way to Verizon when they offered me a new phone and here we are...I will post my pro vs con of the galaxy vs mytouch 4g soon...till then, moment of silence.

Monday, June 13, 2011

now introducing....the Samsung Galaxy 4g...aka my new Droid phone!!!

Yup you read it right, i just unboxed and I'm currently charging it as you day new grind!!!!
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Friday, May 13, 2011

A very thin line double standard

I can't ask the exact same level standards of my girl that I ask within myself.
That is the number two killer of all my relationships...really number 1, but whose really counting?

That double standard is a trip within itself, because my standards state always be honest
always try to be mindful that all cuts are skin deep, especially when emotions are involved,
Always be aware of your lovers dreams and goals
Always push them towards them, but note their progress
Always be aware of the type of company they keep around*

(What I meam by that is, if they deal with negative people on a consistant basis, family or coworkers for example, then you need to take time out so they can relax mentally and emotionally)

Also try to make things as spontaneous as possible - the better the surprise the.better everything will be on the end.

But the crazy part is I DO all these things but strike out when I ask of the same or similar which hurts because I give a lot of energy for lite to nothing
Oh well....
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

new day, new directions

,Wow, so I made a bold, and what many consider a foolish decision. I decided to end my relationship. Now, I have a great reason, well reasons but I decided to clear the air on a few things in light of recent things. Oh if, or it should be a matter of when you read this, I'm not gonna "air out" dirty laundry.

According to her, she spoke of marriage and I got afraid and left. That's the furthest thing from the truth, unlike a lot of men, I do want marriage, everything that it represents for one and the other reason is that I hate to do something that's a blessing, (be in love /have a beautiful woman in love with me) for no true reason. We only live once, and I only know to go into one direction so why do something opposite of that?

Now, to answer really why, and when it all fell apart - well its a two part answer. I think I blame myself for some of it, mainly because I'm big on dreams. I want, before I'm married for my fiancee to least start or attempt her dreams. All of my ex's can that I pushed them and aided them in sotarting, achieving or attempting theory dreams and this time would be no different.plans for her to attempt her dream job and career were changed to courthouse marriage ideas.

Now there are two very big things wrong with that situation - one you gave up your dreams just to get married. Which defeats and undermines the core concepts of marriage itself and two, you just wanted a courthouse marriage. I have nothing against a courthouse but....I have friends and family, tons of them, many of them who has known me since I was a child, so there is no way that I'd skip out on the ceremony when I owe it to them. Wise man once said that with friends you loose a part of yourself but gain so much more, which relates here simply because I want them to share each and every victory with me. I don't mind spending money cause its a big investment for the future plus you owe it to your love ones to do things in such a beautiful and masterful way - not half ass it.

But one of the main reasons, was she threw away her dreams, and I had to fight for her to get on track. That's not what I signed up for, I don't want to just skip the exciting parts of marriage andove to have kids, screw that - yes she's a great woman but maybe I'm just still a little young or immature but I can't willingly speed the rest of my life just coming home vs going for our dreams...
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going forward!! (Yes, it's a Droid adventure)

So I decided to put my faith back into Droid by ditching my psp go. With the iPhone 5 being pushed back to September 2011, it raises hopes of a T-Mobile release. I have to honestly say I truly dislike Droid. Not because I've had almost every iPhone, (only missing the 4) but because they don't really want to compete with the iPhone on all levels. I pay for Netflix on xbox, which has really changed how I interact with my online community, I want to pay for Hulu but the biggest thing stopping me is Droid. Between the glitches, sloppy TMobile support and lack of apps, this is frustrating. I miss being able to go into the apple store, getting a backup, then getting a new phone in about 2-3 hours (I had 16 gigs soo..) but it's a brand new phone. In one week I've went through 3 mytouch 4g's, 2 of them were refurbished and still malfunctions. I am now having some trouble out of my current one I have and the insurance will offer me a one time"upgrade" but life without a dual camera is not life at all. Just as a true camera phone changed things, and twitter, dual camera phones are amazing. I will give T-Mobile credit, I am a data hog. I average 3-4 gigs a month, which means I'd be paying over $140 a month at Att or anywhere else but I'm happy for the most part. I hope that they offer me the galaxy S...but that's wishful thinking.
Till the next time

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

From Eddie Griffin to Sade feat Jay-Z, We're talking about life...(Part 1)

What a crazy Sunday morning.

I woke up to Eddie Griffin's skit on Dr.Dre's 2001 album, which made me reflect on the upcoming brokenness of the next generation of youths, along with the hardships of living life and love. Then, I listen to the Sade feat. Jay-Z track, which is every bit worth the hype and buzz that everyone made it out to be.

I think I'll start with what all you live with, (actions)

At 27, counting backwards to 18 seems like Ive passed a few lifetimes in between. The woman I was she's married now to my knowledge, but its crazy because of where I was at, and what I struggled with then vs now is a long trip. But to speed this up, cause I can, (and I think I will later on) spend an entire post of reviewing 18 year old me. There are a lot of things I have to live with, there are are friendships that have stood the test of time, and we've known each other for over 10 years, I think I have only a small group of enemies, unless people holding grudges from '04 but I digress...

One of my biggest fears is being contacted by a woman from my past saying I have a child. Its scary because there is no telling how your actions will impact this child's life and personality, plus it hurts when there are gaps in history with people you live. Even with some of my closer friends, of 9 + years, I'm the "newest member of the crew" or the 10th member of Wu Tang, it feels odd when they refer to things that predates me. But with a child, its no telling how my absence will affect him/her. I know people now, who holds strong grudges due to the period the father wasn't in their life, even after the father was sad that he wasn't there. I feel its a bit unfair, but its hard when you're dealing with a broken heart. So I always keep communications open for any woman I part ways with when it comes to love.

I think Nas said it best Deadbeat daddies/ I pray for you/ cause when those kids get get grown its too late for you/ cause you're old then you're getting sh*tted on"

I hope I can avoid that fate

Update on the Mytouch Case charger

The angry users were right, which is sad.

After 3 days, short of me having to unplug the phone from the case, once the case starts charging it keeps charging until the case dies. The only bigger headache was the look on someone's face asking whats the issue.

The issue is, this will kill your battery by causing a state referred to as "memory" which is when a battery only stays at one state, due to excessive charging. If you've ever had a device with a battery that seems to die after a few minutes no matter how long you charge it...that's "memory." Now, memory is inevitable, but only after a few years of use, but using a case like that could shave off years or reduce it to months.

But like I said in my first post, its the first generation. Which means, after they shave down the bulkiness of the case, and address the lack of sensor, then we can move forward.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lasers is here!!!

L.ove A.lways S.hines E.verytine R.emember 2 S.mile !!

By far one of the most anticipated rap albums of recent history, and yet a high disappointment.

Now before you attack me, hear me out, when we first heard of him doing the album, we heard Shining Down, and one of the biggest highlights of that song was "Rap name Lupe/ but my daddy named me warrior/ this is his memorial!" That was from a song that didn't become the lead single, and now we have a album that doesn't fully explore his inner views.

I was hoping to out L.A.S.E.R.S. Next to Nas "God Son", and Kanye West's 808 & heartbreaks as deep albums of lyrical children mourning their parents.

Now, now, Lasers isn't without its gems, infact, I will say that Beautiful Lasers (2Ways) is my favorite Lupe song - bar none. I just hate that there isn't a song that touched you like "Fighters" from The Cool. "Never Forget you" is beautiful but it can't shouldn't be the second deepest song serving as a glimpse into the mind of a man who touched us, and I know it sounds mean or harsh to down a cd because he didst touch on the inner workings of his heart and mind, but if you have to ask that question then are you a fan to begin with?

I have been a fan since revenge of the Jedi and the Fahrenheit series - and some before then. I will post my favorite Lupe songs soon, both commercial and mixtape.
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

My New Adventures with Powerskin for the Mytouch 4 from XPA..

So interesting, first sorry for the long delay, but I'm back..

First I decided to add a upgrade to my phone. I bought a powerskin, which is a case with a built-in charger. I had one for my iPhone, before someone broke it, but that's beside the point.

To give a mini review, so far like all the reports show, this makes your phone bigger and more bulky, the material of the case is soft silicone rubber similar to the one I purchased from T-Mobile, (huge lint magnet) is alright against random drops even on water (dropping your phone on a wet surface - never fully submerged...I've never dropped mine in the toilet) all the other reviews are right, it makes your phone more bulky. I don't mind because I often loose track of my phone in my pocket cause its so light, but if a bigger and heavier phone is a pet peeve, then pass on this product and go for a slim replacement battery or a pocket charger.

As far as functionality, the case is supposed to charge your phone when needed, but unlike other cases, there is no sensor, so you can't program when it starts or stops. There is a manual shutoff, because the case will charge till the case dies and I read a couple of bad reviews where the case started, and didn't shut off after the battery reached 100% it kept going till it shut off.

I have a pic of the case but I'll post a update to pictures with the phone in the case.

Please note this is a first gen case, which I'm excited about where they could go after they address the few gripes, plus make the case smaller, because this case is essentially a pocket charger inside a thin rubber case. But this is only day one, so let's see how this goes.

(pause If needed)
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Say hello to my little friend! (going back to two devices)

A psp go!

Now before you try to label me as greedy let me explain. I am a power cellphone user. Music, movies, Twitter, email, instant messages, text, mms, video chat, web surfing.

Using the stock mytouch 4G battery, 4 maybe, 5 hours with music and text. Movies or heavy Twitter, 3 max. So I'm faced with three options:

Pocket charger (which are in their first few makers) plus upgrade my memory (8 gigs is alright, but 16 gigs or better)

Upgrade the phone (new battery) plus memory card

Or an external device (ipod touch or psp go)

When it comes to pocket chargers they seem cumbersome. It took makers about two good tries for portability plus comfort plus the cost vs durability (30 plus for Something that'll snap in my pocket, no bueno) Although it is in my future, (thanks video chat) I don't see it in the near future.

Upgrading my battery. Wow, epic struggle within itself. Let's start with the math, which you can use with your own phone adventures.

Mytouch 4G has a 1400 mAh battery.

You will need the power of your phones battery because when you shop for aftermarket batteries its your benchmark for your own use.

In my case, 1400 = 4.3 hours.

So finding a battery that's 2800 is a little over 8 hours.

But the problem is that these are bulky batteries plus they are first gen which means on the slightly costly side (50 plus)

Now, usually. A lot of phone makers use the same phone just upgrade the body and functions. (Motorola Is big on this: I actually bought the Cliq, but it had the same size battery as the Droid X, and Incredible which meant batteries started at 65 so I sold it...but back to the main story) Usually of you have an older phone, the battery should be cheaper since they are compatible.

Keep in mind, a 16 gig memory card is in the 40s plus, so you're knocking on an additional 100 plus the 200 you paid for the phone

Which brings up option 3, external device. You can get a 1st or 2nd gen ipod touch under 100, or at it. A new psp go for 150-200. Unless you go used from gamestop plus insurance is 120. You get 16 gigs, plus games capabilities.

Considering the wait, the pop go is the better choice.

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First few days with Droid

Wow, too much to go over. But here is a good place.

So far my only technical issue is just with the corrective text, but its getting better with time.

My biggest gripe is the waiting on official Droid apps of key things - mainly Netflix, Hulu and a few others.

Video calling, is the future. I thought it was gonna be a feature limited to those who have a phone with dual cameras bout its bigger than that.

Also, there is a very interesting app called screen share which allows wireless streaming of media from a pc. So far so good.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

with my next pick...for the 4th generation of cell phones....I choose

The mytouch 4g

After many months of research, I decided to go droid, mainly because of the fact that At&t lost their contract with the iPhone. (Something all iPhone fans have been calling for since the Iphone 3G)

I had an open contract, and I decided to get a phone to last me at least until the iPhone 5 comes out, or I may convert fully into a Droid head.

I will also blog about my many adventures in the droid world.

(Please note the image is from google)

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brianjbaby era

For 2011, I decided to go in a new direction.

One of my major moves of last year was working. True, in some ways moving from self employed to regular employment is viewed as taking some steps backwards, (it was funny as after I started, the rest of my crew have made the transition from self employment to civilian jobs as we used to say)

Now to bring things forward, the name change, and the "J" which refers to my middle name, I felt things should be more personal, so here we are.

For 2011 I think its time to move forward, one of the bigger challenges is how to do it with a civilian job.