Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Red Dead Redemption Says About Rockstar

Rockstars' latest offering to the sandbox genre, Red Dead Redemption was a huge hit, and more importantly it reinforced their status as number 1. After 23 hours I'm still nowhere near finishing the game but here are a couple of strong points they you can see even prior to finishing the game:

1) John Marston - the first "killer with a conscience." From Claude to Niko Bellic, Rockstar has centered their games around characters who are forced to break the law, although the player can do so with consequence. The two most loved GTA leading characters, are Carl "CJ" Johnson & Niko Belic. But, John Marston, is a retired outlaw, during the most lawless time in American history, wanting to limit the bloodshed, and do little to nothing beyond whatever the current mission. [Niko was a close second to him]

2) They can create a living world, despite whatever limits of size there are - The no.2 complaint of any GTA title is how small the world is, and how each area looks the same save if a faction is hostile towards you. In Redemption, the distances between cities are massive with surprises in between. Also the wildlife varies in number and aggression levels giving each area a unique feel.

The fact that they took so much time and effort is nothing short of amazing and I can't wait to see how this ends.

--From the Iphone

My goal for 2010

Yes! My goal for 2010 is a photo college. A deep one as well but let me get rid of those who'll try to get smart off hand.

First off, I know I can simply go to a photo program or grab a camera, and honestly I feel he had a good oppertunity to make a college of every stage of his career in one sitting but he decided to do it his way..and thus I digress.

But the pic is more of a promise to myself to be able to have a collection of photos that draw emotion when I reflect back on 2010. I want them to be solo unless it's really here goes...

On a random note. The title means something..more on that later

--From the Iphone

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Excuses vs Reasons Aka Lost Vs Failures

What's the difference?

Probally one of the thinnest lines in our exsistance, is excuses vs reason. I decided to write this post after an argument which ended in everything I said as an excuse, which wasn't the case but of course it hurts more to assume the later of the choices.

Now, for the bases..what's the difference? Well, the difference is weither or not you accept whatever has happened and do nothing to change it. Like in sports, if you try your hardest, you lost - but if you don't try then you gave up. Or another way is a lost is out of your control, and to give up is only in your control.

Now to bring it back, remember that with no actions then it looks like excuses, and if you change and they still continue to bring up the past then things just went to a different point and place in time.

--From the Iphone

Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Take Shots At the King (Cellphone)

Lol I'm NOT a fanboy, but I am aggressive with my phone use, (Twitter,blog,email,MMS,etc) so I know I need a phone that can addhress these issues/concerns

A couple of things other phones need to do to de-thrown the Iphone.

First off, yes I'm a iPhone fan, I've been on board since the 2g. It changed my world forever when it came to phones in a number of ways, and set the standards but you know that.

Two of the biggest things Apple has over the competition is one, it supports it's own community. They update aggresive and usually addhress major issues quickly AND for the most part, correctly. Intact, when I used to call Applecare, I usually got a pair of headphones or a case for my troubles.

No.2: Better accessories. I have a powerful pocket charger. Now I know duracell and a few other companies offer them, but I've seen them and they are clunkish. If needed I can fully recharge my phone from dead, or charge my phone - while on it- from 20% to 100 and still have some extra juice. Plus the charger is small and compact, so if you got a moment you can recharge vs those people who walk around with a charger or sit in the far for an hour.

To bring things back on track, a pocket charger is a useful tool. The iPhone has many accessories that you need (they have a case that can charge your phone..but I didn't try it out..) So, let's see what the future holds for these phones.

--From the Iphone