Saturday, August 28, 2010

Excuses vs Reasons Aka Lost Vs Failures

What's the difference?

Probally one of the thinnest lines in our exsistance, is excuses vs reason. I decided to write this post after an argument which ended in everything I said as an excuse, which wasn't the case but of course it hurts more to assume the later of the choices.

Now, for the bases..what's the difference? Well, the difference is weither or not you accept whatever has happened and do nothing to change it. Like in sports, if you try your hardest, you lost - but if you don't try then you gave up. Or another way is a lost is out of your control, and to give up is only in your control.

Now to bring it back, remember that with no actions then it looks like excuses, and if you change and they still continue to bring up the past then things just went to a different point and place in time.

--From the Iphone

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