Friday, June 24, 2011

Almost Go Time

This is say the least.
I almost didn't make this I had opportunities to get it I had to trade like too much...a'la Falcons for the wide receiver...but I hope its worth it.
I got up extra early because I had to do soo much...and it ended in the best case scenario...I got done too early..I'm happy but...I got done too early.
So, maybe 4 hours of sleep over the next 24...long as in can sleep off and reset my body for a 5 hour energy I'm good...

What makes this event so's my first networking event in over a year...I've done dinners..lunches...but nothing like this...I'm extra excited and nervous...I've done my walkthrough like twice already...but I know I'm out of shape when it comes to these things....niiccee, love those odds, I feel more like a military sniper as I reload my bag and run though my plan...odd I know...but ohh well

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