Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If you can - Do

The problem with doing is you loose self...and after a while you wonder if you're using others pain and road to recovery.

I will simply reply with No.

One of the biggest things i hate is ongoing issues when the last motion was on me, and my heart falls into that category.

One of the biggest problems with the energy i bring into the room is that my own needs are left unchecked.

But as a former mentor told me, to be able to fully help others you sacrifice so much of yourself. I could lash out like i do from time to time at those who i emotionally help build up, simply because they are can not or will not help me.

I do lash out from time to time, but its usually for one of two reasons: A i am really upset with you but for some reason we arent addressing the issue or B - youre taking and taking

The key thing is you ALLOW such acts to transpire against you... so maybe i care too much.

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