Wednesday, June 23, 2010

State of the Phone Union Part 1

Now before Fall Out Boy begins to chime in, lets cover the bases:

I am a smart phone fanatic, it started way back in high school, I had the original Palm Treo, [it was a hand-me-down but soo...] Soon it grew to the first few generations of HTC's, and even the Samsung blackjack. I had quite a few blackberry's in my day. [I remember when Sprint/blackberry required a business licence for service.] Fast forward to 2010:

The smartphone market is every changing, every growing but you know that.

By the numbers:

Blackberry is the king, strong numbers, since the 90's. Not to mention when they first went "public" that made them hotter. Plus with partnerships with smaller cell carriers, they "bully" lower model cellphones.

Palm has been in the game the longest - but the only innovation they bring is a multiple application OS, which fails due to sub-par battery life.

Iphone is the bully on the block.

Droid is the next "rising" thing but it's motto is "Everything Iphone isn't I am..." pretty poor choice of words but smart.

Nokia usually has high level phones, but no carrier picks them up so they are too expensive for the casual user
HTC is playing two sides of the phone race, still using Windows Mobile, and also Droid.

Samsung is........there, 8 mp camera but lacking everywhere else.

Now, to rearrange that data into what the average Joe on up will care about:

Apple's philosophy is squeezing the most out of the least amount of power. Beautiful all things considered, plus the rest of the mobile world revolves around the keynote schedule.

Droid is flooding the market with multiple phones, from lower in [Motorola Cliq/ Samsung Behold 2] to the Big Arms [Droid,EVO] which means they should put a phone in twice as many people as any other Operation System.

Windows Mobile, [yes gasp!] Came back strong, plus the world is anticipating Windows 7 Mobile.

Blackberry, only really had one major innovation, the Storm. The fact that they picked smaller cell phone providers, while slightly upgrading current models explains why they have no over the top announcements, on the business side, smart. On the other side not flashy.

[Now...Chime Fall Out Boy]

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