Friday, July 9, 2010

State of the Phone Union Part 2

Iphone 4 drops; moves 3 or 4 million units and issues arise.

First things first: We all know Apple's not gonna match Droid or anyone else with their arms race, so in a battle of fan boys they can say their phone is 3 to 4 times more powerful or stronger than the iphone, but do not count apple out just yet:

Let's begin in the innovation department:

Mobile Video chat. A few years ago, LG came out with a phone on AT&T that allowed for video chat. The interesting part is that it wasn't a half-assed job, it only needed a few tweaks, but don't forget that the phone wasn't a smart-phone it was a consumer - level- I hope high school kids soak it up- type of phone. But the problem is that LG STOPPED developing the idea. So about 2 years ago, there is a mobile web-cam site, for iphone [and later droid] phones. Fast forward to 2010. Now many phones have dual cameras. Which means mobile web chat is a strong reality.

How everyone stacks up:

Blackberry: None, in fact they don't have any new phones, other than the pearl 3g. The pearl was a good look as women found the other blackberry's to be a bit bulky, and since all they did was repackage the pearl and make it faster. Their whole goal is to move units while everyone else fights on the world front. Honestly, it'll buy them maybe one or two years but soon they'll be in last place.

Iphone 4: Facetime. The fact that it's wifi only, means that its friendly to the jailbreak community, [yay!] the fact that it's iphone 4 only is ok, as they move about 10 million units a year so you'll have a multitude of friends to chat with soon. Facetime also cancels out the older iphones because who wants a phone that can't chat. The fact that its iphone to iphone is just a shot at BBM, the only "king" of the cell phone wars.

Droid: Skype + some other unknown app. They matched [and upped] some of the dual camera's on their phones. The first thing they said was Skype. Now Skype is major, but they missed the whole purpose of Facetime. Yes, the fact that you can hit someone up on their phone from your main system is great, [at press time, no word if Iphone can't do the same, but it is assumed that it will given the nature of their jailbreak community]But, Droid has no droid only features, in fact the particular manufacturer is the only unique thing about the droid OS. [MotoBlur for example]

Palm: Nothing new so far, everyone else pretty much stole their multi app idea, and motoblur also stole their multi network updates. The only big thing they did was move from Sprint to Verizon.

Windows Mobile: The jury's still out as windows 7 mobile hasn't been released yet...

My choice: I'm still on the fence. Over the past few months I've switched phones and had a chance to play with 3 of the major systems.
- Blackberry lacks personal applications, plus almost all their phones [save the storm] have below average sized screens so watching movies is close to useless.
- Droid is buggy, and since not too many droid phones are getting updates, there are a lot of buggy phones out there [ to date, I've had 4 motorola cliqs] Plus something I've noticed is almost every droid user has almost the same applications.
- Windows Mobile. Hadn't had a chance to truly program the phone but I will soon.

Verdict: I'm on the fence, I'm leaning towards iphone 4, but it depends on what droid and windows mobile have to offer. This is certainly a hot summer.

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