Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Say hello to my little friend! (going back to two devices)

A psp go!

Now before you try to label me as greedy let me explain. I am a power cellphone user. Music, movies, Twitter, email, instant messages, text, mms, video chat, web surfing.

Using the stock mytouch 4G battery, 4 maybe, 5 hours with music and text. Movies or heavy Twitter, 3 max. So I'm faced with three options:

Pocket charger (which are in their first few makers) plus upgrade my memory (8 gigs is alright, but 16 gigs or better)

Upgrade the phone (new battery) plus memory card

Or an external device (ipod touch or psp go)

When it comes to pocket chargers they seem cumbersome. It took makers about two good tries for portability plus comfort plus the cost vs durability (30 plus for Something that'll snap in my pocket, no bueno) Although it is in my future, (thanks video chat) I don't see it in the near future.

Upgrading my battery. Wow, epic struggle within itself. Let's start with the math, which you can use with your own phone adventures.

Mytouch 4G has a 1400 mAh battery.

You will need the power of your phones battery because when you shop for aftermarket batteries its your benchmark for your own use.

In my case, 1400 = 4.3 hours.

So finding a battery that's 2800 is a little over 8 hours.

But the problem is that these are bulky batteries plus they are first gen which means on the slightly costly side (50 plus)

Now, usually. A lot of phone makers use the same phone just upgrade the body and functions. (Motorola Is big on this: I actually bought the Cliq, but it had the same size battery as the Droid X, and Incredible which meant batteries started at 65 so I sold it...but back to the main story) Usually of you have an older phone, the battery should be cheaper since they are compatible.

Keep in mind, a 16 gig memory card is in the 40s plus, so you're knocking on an additional 100 plus the 200 you paid for the phone

Which brings up option 3, external device. You can get a 1st or 2nd gen ipod touch under 100, or at it. A new psp go for 150-200. Unless you go used from gamestop plus insurance is 120. You get 16 gigs, plus games capabilities.

Considering the wait, the pop go is the better choice.

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