Saturday, April 2, 2011

My New Adventures with Powerskin for the Mytouch 4 from XPA..

So interesting, first sorry for the long delay, but I'm back..

First I decided to add a upgrade to my phone. I bought a powerskin, which is a case with a built-in charger. I had one for my iPhone, before someone broke it, but that's beside the point.

To give a mini review, so far like all the reports show, this makes your phone bigger and more bulky, the material of the case is soft silicone rubber similar to the one I purchased from T-Mobile, (huge lint magnet) is alright against random drops even on water (dropping your phone on a wet surface - never fully submerged...I've never dropped mine in the toilet) all the other reviews are right, it makes your phone more bulky. I don't mind because I often loose track of my phone in my pocket cause its so light, but if a bigger and heavier phone is a pet peeve, then pass on this product and go for a slim replacement battery or a pocket charger.

As far as functionality, the case is supposed to charge your phone when needed, but unlike other cases, there is no sensor, so you can't program when it starts or stops. There is a manual shutoff, because the case will charge till the case dies and I read a couple of bad reviews where the case started, and didn't shut off after the battery reached 100% it kept going till it shut off.

I have a pic of the case but I'll post a update to pictures with the phone in the case.

Please note this is a first gen case, which I'm excited about where they could go after they address the few gripes, plus make the case smaller, because this case is essentially a pocket charger inside a thin rubber case. But this is only day one, so let's see how this goes.

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