Thursday, July 28, 2011

Craziest weekend ever

Sooooo where to start?

I loose my phone AT MY HOUSE

No, I'm serious...I was on it at 4:40 am I got off to open the door...then I laid down...and I remembered to call them back and I couldn't find it...I called dice.

After a minor mental breakdown I activated kill order and on. To tmobile..

So I walk into tmobile to get a replacement dice. So I headed up to Apple and joined Verizon.


I got a call suggesting I switch phones cause they might.announce a new iphone any day now...I said to Verizon store then Apple

Well..Verizon via a rep said if I leave I loose my number...period, now I was ready to ride out with verizon but the rep....not winning.

So I went to Att...and got the Motorola be continued

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