Thursday, August 11, 2011

At&T and the Motorola Atrix: Hello and Goodbye

Soo, I returned to Att, spent a few days with the Atrix. I have to say Motorola did a excellent job. 1900 Mah battery out the box, motoblur getting a nice overhaul, it was all good till I burned out my battery after 13 days of light usage mainly due to Att data caps.
Soooo I decide to get a new phone I go to the Att kiosk and asked for a simple exchange the worker says they can't because I don't have the box (like who walks around with the box in their back pocket) I've never heard of that, so come to find out that I have 60 days to go to any store, then after that I have to travel about 30 miles outside the city to get a same day replacement phone or take the wonderful overnight order your phone.

I received a replacement phone but it was way worse than what I started with. My phone would cut off after the screen blacks out...the joy, but the issue is that they have no repair center in the city when the old store bear my house used to very a repaid center. Such anger so I went room a new carrier, ironically other was for the same fashion of phone, the Motorola photon.

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