Friday, August 19, 2011

The Motorola Photon (First thoughts and first few days)

Another addition to Motorola's high end Android smartphones.

The photon is truly the sprint Atrix with a 8 MP camera, but for sone reason Motorola decided to give the photon a very under powered 1750 MaH battery when the Atrix has 1850-1900 MaH. A very backwards move, because even with the scaled down Motorblur interface the phone's functions still use a fairly large amount of juice.

They scaled back Motoblur, which is my second favorite Android interface (right behind HTC Sense) the fact that you can log into the phone without signing into Motoblur is a plus, but the fact that you have to manually add each service is annoying and backwards if you already have a Motorblur account and went through the time to tweak it to your liking. If you missed my review of the Atrix, one of the biggest selling points (of Motorblur) was the one button post to twitter option for the media player. In fact, the media player was overly impressive as it could offered a ton of features but you had to menu crawl to put a album on repeat, and there is No way to get one tract to repeat unless you put it in a playlist.

I will chalk up my negative experiences to a bad headset, but I had a hard time connecting to my home WiFi network, having to forget it the first couple of days to et a stronger connection. But overall the Photon is a great phone, minus them major setback by motorola.

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