Friday, May 13, 2011

A very thin line double standard

I can't ask the exact same level standards of my girl that I ask within myself.
That is the number two killer of all my relationships...really number 1, but whose really counting?

That double standard is a trip within itself, because my standards state always be honest
always try to be mindful that all cuts are skin deep, especially when emotions are involved,
Always be aware of your lovers dreams and goals
Always push them towards them, but note their progress
Always be aware of the type of company they keep around*

(What I meam by that is, if they deal with negative people on a consistant basis, family or coworkers for example, then you need to take time out so they can relax mentally and emotionally)

Also try to make things as spontaneous as possible - the better the surprise the.better everything will be on the end.

But the crazy part is I DO all these things but strike out when I ask of the same or similar which hurts because I give a lot of energy for lite to nothing
Oh well....
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