Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going forward!! (Yes, it's a Droid adventure)

So I decided to put my faith back into Droid by ditching my psp go. With the iPhone 5 being pushed back to September 2011, it raises hopes of a T-Mobile release. I have to honestly say I truly dislike Droid. Not because I've had almost every iPhone, (only missing the 4) but because they don't really want to compete with the iPhone on all levels. I pay for Netflix on xbox, which has really changed how I interact with my online community, I want to pay for Hulu but the biggest thing stopping me is Droid. Between the glitches, sloppy TMobile support and lack of apps, this is frustrating. I miss being able to go into the apple store, getting a backup, then getting a new phone in about 2-3 hours (I had 16 gigs soo..) but it's a brand new phone. In one week I've went through 3 mytouch 4g's, 2 of them were refurbished and still malfunctions. I am now having some trouble out of my current one I have and the insurance will offer me a one time"upgrade" but life without a dual camera is not life at all. Just as a true camera phone changed things, and twitter, dual camera phones are amazing. I will give T-Mobile credit, I am a data hog. I average 3-4 gigs a month, which means I'd be paying over $140 a month at Att or anywhere else but I'm happy for the most part. I hope that they offer me the galaxy S...but that's wishful thinking.
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