Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lasers is here!!!

L.ove A.lways S.hines E.verytine R.emember 2 S.mile !!

By far one of the most anticipated rap albums of recent history, and yet a high disappointment.

Now before you attack me, hear me out, when we first heard of him doing the album, we heard Shining Down, and one of the biggest highlights of that song was "Rap name Lupe/ but my daddy named me warrior/ this is his memorial!" That was from a song that didn't become the lead single, and now we have a album that doesn't fully explore his inner views.

I was hoping to out L.A.S.E.R.S. Next to Nas "God Son", and Kanye West's 808 & heartbreaks as deep albums of lyrical children mourning their parents.

Now, now, Lasers isn't without its gems, infact, I will say that Beautiful Lasers (2Ways) is my favorite Lupe song - bar none. I just hate that there isn't a song that touched you like "Fighters" from The Cool. "Never Forget you" is beautiful but it can't shouldn't be the second deepest song serving as a glimpse into the mind of a man who touched us, and I know it sounds mean or harsh to down a cd because he didst touch on the inner workings of his heart and mind, but if you have to ask that question then are you a fan to begin with?

I have been a fan since revenge of the Jedi and the Fahrenheit series - and some before then. I will post my favorite Lupe songs soon, both commercial and mixtape.
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