Sunday, April 10, 2011

Update on the Mytouch Case charger

The angry users were right, which is sad.

After 3 days, short of me having to unplug the phone from the case, once the case starts charging it keeps charging until the case dies. The only bigger headache was the look on someone's face asking whats the issue.

The issue is, this will kill your battery by causing a state referred to as "memory" which is when a battery only stays at one state, due to excessive charging. If you've ever had a device with a battery that seems to die after a few minutes no matter how long you charge it...that's "memory." Now, memory is inevitable, but only after a few years of use, but using a case like that could shave off years or reduce it to months.

But like I said in my first post, its the first generation. Which means, after they shave down the bulkiness of the case, and address the lack of sensor, then we can move forward.

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